More than graphic design. Marketing design.

You need a designer who excels at delivering marketing results.

Marketing assets and collateral pieces have to do more than just present your brand in a modern, authentic way. They must also be tightly aligned to your sales and marketing goals.

Just looking good isn’t enough. You need an seasoned marketing designer who understands the importance of visually communicating with your audience in a way that’s both attractive and effective.

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We want to make you look good.

High Quality, Scalable Digital Assets

Professional graphic design is more than creating eye-catching art or branded materials. You also need graphics that will help achieve your business goals, too. That means knowing the science of placement alongside the fundamentals of design.

Skilled Professionals

Strategy. Graphics. Copy. Photography.

Putting together interesting graphics that look professional and also work to meet your marketing goals takes a team. Our lineup includes creative and technological expertise and a results-driven approach to your success.

Print Ready

The right message for the right person.

We understand how the printing world works, and we know what to give them so that you get precisely what you are expecting. You’ll receive your materials in digital formats, ready to go to your printer or ours.

Scalable Digital Assets

Get the most bang for your buck.

Your graphics are yours to do with as you please. Repurpose your digital assets on your website and social media, or have them ready for other printed pieces.

More than just captivating, our graphics deliver results.

marketing designer quoteleftAlthough a strong online presence is important, much of the sales work in the manufacturing and industrial sectors is done in person. We needed several printable brochures created to be consistent with our website, and with new photography included.

Nicole and Jason exceeded my expectations and created a complete set of brochures nearly identical to our website in style and content, making our company look both highly competent and professional. Plus, they designed the brochures in a way that makes sense to our customers, making it easier for me to show them why our solutions are designer quoteright

Josh Gibson, Technology Manager
Quad Plus – Guaging Division

marketing design brochure for industrial company

My printer does all this for free.

marketing design layout

Why shouldn’t I just use the free stuff?

Printing professionals can lay out the information you provide to create a basic document. What’s missing is the marketing expertise to know what will get results from your customers.

marketing designer

I definitely want more customers!

The purpose of your graphic materials is to achieve your marketing goals. That’s it. Part of achieving those goals is looking great, but collateral designed with your goals in mind is how you’ll be successful.

marketing design

You get what you pay for.

We’ll never question the ability of a print shop to deliver professional materials. It’s what they do best, after all. Still, what you need is design expertise. Someone who knows how to use visuals to bring note paying customers through your door. That’s where we come in.

Graphics that speak a thousand words.

Making genuine connections with your audience means capturing your brand in an authentic way. Then, your brand must be presented in a way that inspires your audience to take action.

We have the expertise you need to get beautiful graphics that not only accurately represent your brand, but also capture the imaginations of your customers.

We take pride in getting results for our clients.

marketing designer quoteleftHometown Design Studio has exceeded ALL of our expectations! We wanted to create a large decal to be displayed on one of our industrial products and continue the image into a two-page spread magazine ad.

Not only did they succeed in an impressively short amount of time, but they were patient with us and provided great suggestions. It turned out so well that our client has asked for a copy of the decal for his own business.
We were VERY happy to hear Hometown Design offers professional writing services and hired them to write a press release for us.
After SO many nightmare scenarios we have survived with other marketing firms and graphic designers, we feel VERY lucky to have found them. I look forward to working with Hometown Design in the future in all aspects of our marketing!marketing designer quoteright

Karen B., Project Manager
Quad Plus – Large Drive Division

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