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Your website is the central hub of your business’s presence online. To connect with customers, it must be professional, up-to-date, and deliver what your customers expect. It should also work like a well-oiled machine to provide high-quality leads and customers to your sales team.

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Our goal is your success.

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Some consultants can be so frustrating.

You’ve been down this road before. You hire someone to help with your website. Maybe things are good initially. But, eventually, it all comes down to one thing: results.

Maybe your website isn’t generating as many calls as you expected. Or, you initially saw an increase in leads, but so few of them panned out. You have an in-store sale coming up that you’d like to promote, but nobody is returning your calls.

How do you get the web design services you need?

The numbers don’t lie.

Your website is the online reflection of who you are and what you do. The look and feel of your website  are critical components to making the right impression on your visitors. We take the time to understand the picture you are trying to paint and have the expertise to bring that to life online.

Still, a clear goal is the most important part of any marketing project. What do you want your website to do? Which business goals should it achieve? We have the marketing, SEO, and technical expertise to turn your website from an expense to an investment that pays. And we also have the research to back it.

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Where there’s a method, there’s a way.

Keyword Research

Your website is ranking, but for what?

If the traffic you’re getting to your website isn’t improving your bottom line, the problem may be that you’re showing up to the wrong people. Our goal is to rank for intent-based, relevant keywords that deliver visitors who are more likely to be ready to buy or contact you.

Search Engine Optimization

Straight-forward, industry-recognized best practices.

The process of search engine optimization (SEO) is all about putting the right keywords in the right places. There are no big secrets, just a lot of small details to get right. With thorough keyword research and methodical optimization, you’ll know your website is working hard for you.

Conversion Copywriting

A good read is pleasant, but web copy has more important work.

The purpose of website copy is to convert visitors into paying customers. Nothing more, nothing less. Writing copy that converts means understanding your audience and their problems and then knowing how to guide them through the decision making-process so they choose you.

Clean, Modern Design

What’s under the hood matters, too.

We have both a professional graphic designer and photographer on staff. Your brand will be presented with the authenticity needed to build trust with your customers. Within that presentation, proven techniques are used to direct attention to the most important parts of the page.

Fully Managed Hosting

We’ll take care of the confusing technical details.

Our process is transparent: you’ll have access to all documents, passwords, and everything else. We’ll be managing your security certificate, backups, domain renewal, privacy compliance, and all the technology needed to keep your site up and running at top performance levels. We guarantee 99% uptime, and your first year of hosting is included with the design cost.

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We make it easy to manage your online presence.

web design services for small business quoteleftWe needed an updated website so we could compete with other local businesses online. Hometown Design Studio provided us with a clean, responsive design so our website looks great on phones, iPads, and computers. We really liked the way they took the time to understand how our customers interact with our website to provide them with a great experience. I would recommend Hometown Design Studio for anyone looking to update their website!web design services for small business quoteright

Erwin Schulz
BalanStar Corporation, Owner

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Your website should be making you money.

web design services for small business

A new website is a huge expense.

A website should never be just another expense. Instead, investing in an effective website should deliver enough new business to cover the costs — and more.

web design services for small business

The whole point is more new business.

A website isn’t an expensive obligation. It is a marketing tool that should be working hard to deliver new customers. Anything less means it’s not delivering on that purpose.

web design services for small business

Our process is backed by research.

There is no magic formula. We do more of what your customers like and less of what they don’t. We use industry-standard, proven techniques, live data, and our collective experience to arrive at these decisions.

It’s time for an online presence that delivers.

We have an expert team of marketers, creators, and technology specialists who know how to take your vision, apply research-backed methods and techniques, and present your brand in a modern, authentic, results-driven manner.

Plus, it costs you nothing but your time to reach out. Just tell us your goals, and we’ll take it from there.

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Our job is to bring your vision to life.

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