Being There: I Want to Know Moments


Published: October 30, 2017 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Being There: I Want to Know Moments

I Want to Know moments arise from simple curiosities to fact checking to early product research. They are triggered by a variety of events, and the result is either a satisfied curiosity or setting the stage for another potential micro-moment.

What Kinds of Things Do People Want to Know?

Google recently asked users to keep a log of the things they were looking for in these Know moments. The three most common topics included general inquiries such as news, food and grocery shopping such as recipes and nutrition, and basic shopping questions like clarifying return policies.

A full two-thirds of the users used their smartphone to find answers, and 81 percent started with a search rather than visiting a website directly or watching videos.

What Kind of Content Belongs Here

First things first: forget the hard sell. People that are in the I Want to Know moment might be headed toward a sale, but are not close enough to be receptive to your pitches.

Instead, you want your content to be informational so you can answer the questions while opening the door to building a relationship with that searcher. You also want to be sure that the content is rich with keywords that people will type while searching, and that it is clear and specific about providing solutions.

Here are some ideas:

  • Blogs & Articles. Blog posts and articles are indexable web pages that are loaded with problem-solving power. They also provide you with ample room to include short and long-tail keywords in a natural way so they do not sound stuffed.

  • E-Books & Whitepapers. While micro-moment searchers aren’t usually ready to take the time to read an entire long-form piece of content, if you can answer their initial question right away then point to a longer piece with more details that can be read later, you’ll be drawing your reader into your funnel.

  • Videos & Animations. If you’re considering a video or animation for the I Want to Know moment, the priority is short, fast, direct answers. If you can deliver your solution better with a 30-second video, then go for it!

How Google Might Help

Google wants to make searchers happy and one of the ways they keep I Want to Know moments short and sweet is by providing answers directly on the search results page.

Quick Answers provide a short snippet at the top of the search results that gives answers to direct questions along with a link to the page that provided the information. The Knowledge Graph provides even more details and is usually supplied for searches on a specific person or place. Photos and lists of facts are commonly included, but direct links back to source information aren’t always as clear.

Like all things Google, there is no exact formula for having your pages and facts featured in these listings. Instead, make sure to follow SEO best practices for all your pages and build up your site’s overall usefulness and you may be rewarded.

Don’t Sell!

We thought we’d stick that in here one more time because it’s that important. If you try for the sale at this phase, you’re more likely to be treated like an annoying commercial that’s interrupting the search and you’ll be ignored. Instead, stick to the facts and you’ll show up when people are looking for them.

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