You Need to Invest in Professional Photography


Published: December 21, 2020 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
You Need to Invest in Professional Photography

The internet has changed the way we all do business, socialize, shop, and more. Along with all the words on the page, compelling visuals are an important part of how we communicate online. In fact, more than 650 billion photos have been uploaded to the web! A smartphone may be all we need to keep our personal social media feeds fresh. Businesses, however, need to invest in professional photography to make the right connections with their customers.

Professional Photos

Photograph Your Business

Capturing your brand’s identity--the look and feel of your company--in a photograph is not always easy, and you probably already know this. How many times have you grabbed your iPhone to record an important moment and failed to capture the emotion behind the events? Not only will professional photographers have the eye to capture your brand’s less-tangible elements, but they also have a host of software programs (and the skills) to make subtle adjustments to their images.

The results from a professional photoshoot go beyond the photographer’s artistic eye or attention to detail when placing items in front of the camera. They extend to the finished product: a stack of professional photos taken at different times and in various settings that are all cohesive. Each is unique, yet all have the same feeling behind them. That feeling is your brand’s identity.

Improve Your Brand

If you want to generate sales or boost the conversion rate on your website, your prospects have to trust your brand. In fact, trust is one of the most important elements that consumers need before deciding to make a purchase. If the photos of your products, images of your crew, and pictures of your production area featured on your website look amateurish and unprofessional, that’s exactly what people will think of your brand.

This is even more important if you’re selling products directly from your website. Not only will you have to look polished and professional, but the images of your products must also look enticing. They have to captivate your audience and hold their attention while also providing an honest representation of the product itself.

If your company provides services rather than products, it matters who your customers see on your website. It’s difficult to trust someone you cannot see, and it’s even more challenging to trust someone who is featured in a candid smartphone photo from 2010 rather than a proper headshot, group photo, or properly staged action shot.

Why You Should Avoid Stock Images

We get it: professional photography is expensive, and you have a long list of ways to spend a limited marketing budget. There are times when stock photography will be fine, and others when it’s critical to hire a professional photographer.

The main problem with stock photography is that it is not authentic. The people are usually too happy and impossibly good-looking, or any attempt to convey a negative or even neutral emotion is exaggerated. The props are blank, the words are gibberish, and the situations plainly forced. Plus, stock photos can be purchased by anybody. If you’re trying to use pictures to stand out from your competitors, choosing photos that they also have access to isn’t going to get the job done.

We probably won’t argue with anyone who makes the case that carefully chosen stock photos are fine to dress up a blog post. A candid iPhone shot of a company event is probably great for your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed. But we have to put our foot down on your main website pages, product pages, and any photos on your website with people in them.

Your Photos are a Long-Term Investment

If the expense of professional photography has you down, don’t forget that these high-quality photos are an investment that will give back for years. Your photographer may be tasked with getting perfect shots of your products and your crew for your website, but that’s not all you’ll be able to do with an entire library of photographs that you now own.

Photograph Your Business

Not only can you use one photo in a dozen different places without worrying about the licensing fees, but you’re also free to crop or change your images however you like and for whatever project you’re using them for. You can feature your photos on blog posts, build your brand on social media, and have print-ready images for brochures.

People Want to Know You

The bottom line is that as much as people enjoy visuals over text much of the time, they really have a strong preference for you when they’re trying to learn about your company. They don’t want to see any image of someone wearing a headset on your Contact Us page; they want to see Dave, the guy who actually answers the phone. People aren’t interested in an impressive-looking building on your Home page; they want to see where they will be meeting you for a consultation next Thursday.

While stock photos may seem like a more economical choice than custom photography, they will cost you more in the long run in terms of trust, personal connections, and ultimately sales. If you want to learn more about investing in professional photography and how to make the most of your budget to get the job done, we can help!

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