Why you should use GSuite for your business.


Published: November 18, 2019 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Why you should use GSuite for your business.

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Gsuite is a collection of intelligent apps from Google that will help make your online life more manageable. There are apps for email, documents, file storage, messaging, video conferencing, and much more. Forget skipping around from app to app as you read your email, work on a document, add to a spreadsheet, or create a presentation--especially if you’re trying to do it all while collaborating on a project! Instead, Gsuite provides solutions for all these functions and more while working together seamlessly for a streamlined, more efficient process.

We love Gsuite so much that we think you should try it, too! Here’s why.

What’s Included?
The entire suite contains more than 20 apps that will make your digital work life easier. For communications, you’ll have access to Gmail, Calendar, Currents (similar to the old Google+), and Hangouts. For document creation, you’ll have the entire Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides lineup. Google Drive will help you keep it all together, and plenty of Admin and Control apps will help you provide access to the right people while keeping others out.

Many people are familiar with the basic components such as Docs and Drive, but one unique app stands out from the crowd. Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that allows you to collaborate with people anywhere with an internet connection using an incredibly simple interface. Just drag-and-drop images and notes, combine it with drawing directly on the screen, and share your ideas quickly and easily. Have a brainstorming session with people around the world, complete with video conferencing and automatic saving of your work to the cloud.

Currents is another unique app that functions much like a social media channel--but only for those in your organization. Create posts, and others can add comments, feedback, and questions. Individuals can be given priority posting access to the main news feed so the Big Boss’s posts are always seen first. Using tags makes information easy to find, and users can customize their Home Stream to make sure they see what’s important to them first. Currents makes it easier than ever to communicate with your entire group, share ideas, ask questions, and make announcements without the hassle of those impossible-to-read email threads.

Why Choose Gsuite?
First, Google is very secure and stable. Google not only uses up-to-the-minute safety and security measures, but they are also often pioneers in discovering and implementing new ways to keep you and your data protected. Aside from keeping prying eyes away, you’ll also enjoy top-notch spam filters and virus scanning for your email and document storage. Plus, because the entire suite is cloud-based, all your apps and documents are always available from anywhere with an internet connection.

What this means in real life is effortless collaboration with your team, whether they’re working in the office or remotely. Calendar integration and sharing keeps people organized and on-time, and mobile integration means even the busiest people in your group can stay in the loop. You can also share access to projects and documents with others outside your workgroup when you need to. Plus, Business users get unlimited storage space so you never have to upgrade your server or computer storage space ever again.

Isn’t This All Available For Free?
If you’ve used Gmail, Google Docs, or Google Drive before, you may be wondering why you should pay for a service that’s mostly available for free. Let’s start with the easy part: it’s only $6 per user per month to upgrade to the basic version, and $12 per user per month for the business version. What will that extra cash get you? Along with both Jamboard and Currents, here are a few of our favorite features that make the upgrade more than worth the price tag.

First, you’ll get simple data migration tools to bring all your valuable information over to Gsuite. You’ll also get enhanced and advanced admin controls to add and remove users, employ two-step verification, and manage single sign-on so you can choose whether a password will need to be entered for every app.

One of our favorite perks available for Gsuite members is the ability to get a customized email address without having to manage a mail server. As long as you are the owner of the domain you would like to use, you can create an @yourdomain.com email address for every user in your group. If you’ve been using Outlook or another email exchange server, Gsuite’s migration tools will bring all your messages, calendar, and contacts right into your new Gsuite inbox.

Another incredibly useful feature is Google Mobile Management that allows you to manage, secure, and monitor mobile devices in your organization. Whether you provide the device or your employees bring their own to work, you can make sure company data is secure, that sensitive information can be wiped if a device is lost or stolen, and see which devices are accessing your data. For advanced mobile management, you can ensure that all devices use a lock screen and enforce strong passwords, allow users to keep work and personal apps separate, and restrict access to device settings and features.

We’ll Help You Get Started!
We not only love the functions and features of Gsuite, but we’re also partners! That means we can help move your data over quickly and efficiently, get your users setup, show you how the Admin controls work and recommend settings, and much more. We can walk you through the different apps, show you how they work together, and integrate your mobile devices.

You can be confident when you move your information and set up your personal suite when you have experienced experts by your side. Plus, if you call today, you can save 20% on your first year!

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