Which SEM Tool is Right for You?


Published: August 7, 2017 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Which SEM Tool is Right for You?

Search Engine Marketing may be less costly than most other advertising and marketing channels, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to get the highest return on every dollar you’re investing. Yahoo, Bing, and Google all offer SEM tools for businesses, but which is the best choice? Let’s take a look.

The Google Powerhouse

Without any knowledge in the industry, most people probably come to the conclusion that Google is the biggest player in the search industry--and they’re not wrong. Google enjoys 85 percent of the market share. When you break out mobile-only searches, that jumps to nearly 95 percent.

Because the volume of searches is so much higher on Google than all the other search engines combined, simply having access to so many users is reason enough to choose AdWords. This can be especially important for niche advertisers who have a highly targeted audience that might otherwise be difficult to find.

Most businesses turn to Google--and we also recommend AdWords--because it gets results:

  • High ROI

    : Most companies average $2 in revenue from every dollar spent on AdWords.

  • More Calls

    . 70% of searchers on mobile devices call a business directly from a Google Search.

  • More Action

    . 70% of searchers on mobile devices will take action within one hour.

Don’t Give Up on the Little Guys

Because the vast majority of consumers are using Google to search for solutions, it makes sense that most businesses are turning to Google for search advertising. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no value in the other players in the game.

Bing ads only claim about 5 percent of the market share and Yahoo gets about 2.5 percent. This lower volume means there are fewer advertisers to drive up the cost of competitive keywords. The result is advertising on Bing and Yahoo is often substantially cheaper than Google. Plus, Bing and Yahoo have a partnered ad network so advertising on one automatically gets you the other.

Keep in mind, however, that a lower cost doesn’t directly point to a better ROI. Because there are far fewer people that you’ll have access to, there are also far fewer people available to convert into paying customers.

When to Deviate

For some companies with an extremely tight budget, choosing Bing and Yahoo might be the only way to break in. In some cases, it might make sense to dig into the demographics of the smaller market share of Bing and Yahoo to see if it happens to be a great match for your business. For the most aggressive advertisers, adding Bing and Yahoo to an already robust AdWords campaign can help bring in additional leads.

For everyone else, we look at the the high volume of search activity and the proven ROI from other advertisers and recommend Google AdWords as the right choice for finding success in search marketing.

About the Author

Creative Director Jason co-founded Hometown Design Studio of New Lenox, IL in 2013. He spends his days guiding and consulting industrial clients and small businesses owners on their marketing strategy and projects. Jason enables everyone to be successful and grow their business by sharing his knowledge and experience.
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