Stop Reinventing the Wheel Start Stretching Your Content


Published: October 28, 2019 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Stop Reinventing the Wheel and Start Stretching Your Content

A successful content marketing strategy relies on a steady stream of fresh content. Of course, creating all that original material can be a strain on your time and resources. Rather than struggle to create enough content or, worse, publish less material, there are better ways to keep the content pipeline full with less effort. 

Start With Existing Content
If you already have a range of content that’s been published, then you also have a goldmine of material ready to be put back to work. You want to avoid simply reposting an existing blog as is or otherwise hit the repeat button, but here are a few ways to make old content new again:
  • Newsletters. Harvest some material from well-aged blog posts and incorporate the content into your email newsletters.

  • Updates. Look through your past posts and emails that included news articles, product releases, or other topics that were cutting-edge at the time and see if there’s anything new to report.

  • Roundups. Blogs that have been regularly updated for a long time will accumulate enough content to warrant a roundup. If you’re stuck for ideas for new content, try creating a list of resources on a specific topic with links to your old posts.

  • Reformat. If you have a blog post that’s been popular with your readers, film a video of someone from your company discussing the topic. Take a dense, stats-filled article and create an infographic. Turn popular videos into podcasts or turn small snippets into social media posts. Your creativity is the limit.

  • Break it Up. Case studies, white papers, and other long-form content are practically begging to be broken up into smaller pieces. Do a blog series or a guest post on another reputable site that links back to your big piece or create an infographic based on the data from long pieces. Generate exciting social media posts by taking bits of information, especially anything surprising or motivational.
Keep in mind that whenever you’re repurposing old content that you should always double-check the information to make sure it’s still accurate and up-to-date. For example, if you’ve linked references or other sources, make sure those links are still live and the sources still published. It’s also helpful to update statistics or other figures with current information.

Moving Foward: Think Big
Once you’ve combed through all your assets to find new opportunities for them, it’s time to think about content creation differently as you move forward. When you’re thinking big while coming up with ideas and strategies, you’ll be in a better position to create a variety of content pieces from a single idea from the beginning.

One way is to start with one broad, main idea and branch out from that central idea with more detailed content in several different formats. For example, create a downloadable guide on everything you need to know about the holiday baking season. From that main idea, branch out and create several blogs with recipes and video demonstrations of techniques with plenty of photos for Instagram and Pinterest. Then, branch out in another direction and talk about sourcing ingredients, how different ingredients affect the result beyond taste, and how to make accurate substitutions. Another branch could include tools and utensils, decorating ideas, presentation and storage, or repurposing recipes for different seasons.

Once you have these big bundles of blogs, videos, photos, and other content pieces, you’re ready to stitch them together into an “ultimate guide” on the topic, host a comprehensive webinar, create an ebook, be a guest speaker on a podcast, or find another outlet to showcase your authority on the subject.

Always Consider the Strategy
There will always be room for single-topic discussions, especially for industry trends, breaking news, product launches, and other up-to-the-minute information. You’ll still want to keep all of those ideas in your content rotation so your readers turn to you for current events and information.

However, for long-term strategy and planning, always think big. Not only will this make content creation easier and more efficient, but it will also work for your inbound marketing and SEO strategies, too. All the related content pieces that are focused around a central idea will naturally contain associated keywords, links, and other goodies that will serve to boost all your marketing strategies for years to come.

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