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How to build a successful social media strategy?

Understand Your Audience

Define your audience demographics and interests. What topics are relevant to them? What moves them to action? Where does this audience spend time online? What do they watch, read, and talk about?

Create Branded, Engaging Content

Providing the right type of content for your audience is key to increasing engagement. Branding that content defines you as trustworthy and an expert in your industry.

Consistency and Analysis

High-quality content creation delivered consistently sounds simple. Finding the time to do this as a disciplined approach can be hard. Take time to see what’s working and adjust the strategy from there. We call this optimization.

This strategy will increase reach, followers, and ultimately engagement.

What Does A Social Media Marketing Agency Do?

Social Media Reach
We compose everyday posts to stay in touch with current followers while also working to expand your reach. That way, your brand is introduced to new people while staying top-of-mind when the time comes for everyone else. We also create posts meant to build brand awareness and showcase your current products and services along with shareable content to increase reach.
Social Media Engagement
Brand loyalty is the key to repeat business, and building loyalty with your current followers is essential. This is accomplished through continual interactions via comments, mentions, and private messages. Reputation management is also important, and we monitor and respond to reviews on a variety of sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook.
Social Media Campaigns
Promotions and specials are popular with social media users, and we create campaigns that will bring customers in the door. Paid promotions are used to expand your reach beyond your current list of followers to increase followers and boost sales. Paid promotions are also a great way to introduce new products and services and build momentum.

What is Social Media Reputation Management?

A speedy response is key when it comes to resolving problems from unhappy customers. Our goal is a 24-hour maximum wait for responses to feedback from customers--even over the weekend. Customers build trust online and reviews are an important part of today’s decision-making process. People will check reviews before making purchases or visiting stores, and we will make sure you’re making a good impression, even if things occasionally go wrong.

Prompt, courteous resolutions to problems help mitigate the damage of negative reviews while a bit of gratitude from positive reviews will build loyalty. Plus, actively managed review pages signals search engines like Google that your page is current and may help your local SEO results.
Reputation Manager
Social Media Manager

Why do you need Social Media Management?

Many business owners feel like there’s no time to visit accounts daily, or they’re not sure what messaging to put out, and keeping up with best practices can be a struggle if it’s not your main focus. On the other hand, your customers are looking for you on social media and they can’t stay in touch with you if you’re not present.

Social media management allows us to stay on top of the daily interactions so you can focus your efforts on building your business. Whenever a situation needs the personal touch of the business owner, we’ll make sure you know about it.

Plus, when you put your social media accounts in the hands of experts, you can be sure that all current best practices are being followed including timing, content, and responses. That way, you get results. Plus, all good business owners know that delegating tasks is the key to success, so leave your feeds to someone you know will get the job done right.
Social Media Marketing for Today’s Consumers

Are your social feeds blowing around the tumbleweeds? Do you feel in over your head when trying to figure out which channels are right and what content will work? Stop worrying and start enjoying the benefits of social media marketing by leaving it to the pros.

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