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92 percent of internet users are turning to search engines for answers, and when they do, you want your website to be what they find. Whether you’re starting with a new website or need to give your existing site an overhaul, we’ll make sure you get found by the right people at the right time. From content management and keyword research to technical details and analytics, we are a full-service SEO consulting service with a proven track record for success.

Technical SEO

Site Structure
SEO Site Structure
Effortless navigation is not only important to your website visitors, but it’s also a signal to search engines that your website is ready for traffic. We start with a documented site architecture to ensure proper page connections and flow, and then move on to keyword research.
Keyword Research
Keyword Researcher
We use search engine tools to uncover the most popular and effective search terms used by your clients and by potential customers. Those keywords are then used in the site structure and in page content. The result is more traffic to your site from the right people; filtering out those who aren’t interested in your business and will not convert into paying customers.
High Quality Content
SEO High Quality Content
Keywords play an important role in content creation by helping us understand what people are searching for and how we can answer their questions. Content includes more than just words; it also includes videos, images, icons, page headers, and more. All content is also structured using the site’s developed architecture and contains necessary metadata such as alt tags, image names, and other technical details.

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Search Engine Analysis.

We use Google Analytics to observe website traffic and to audit page performance and rank. We also use keyword research to adjust content based on our observations. If visitors aren’t clicking links or converting into customers, we’ll figure out why by utilizing metric analysis and testing various options to uncover what motivates people to take action. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, and continually subject to the changing technology of search engines and the evolving behavior of an increasingly digital landscape.
Search Engine Analysis Experts
SEO Consultants

SEO Consulting

Is your website failing to generate enough leads? Does your web team need direction, or is it lacking specific expertise?

We offer SEO consulting services to help boost the results of your efforts. We bring many years of experience to the table and we are familiar with your industry. Let us figure out what’s not working and help you solve the problem so you get more leads. We will:
  • Provide keyword research and analysis
  • Focus on improving user experiences
  • Offer web page optimization
  • Improve calls-to-action so they get clicks
We also offer strategic planning sessions to help your team stay focused and organized. You tell us what’s missing and we’ll fill in the gaps.

Comparing Organic SEO and Paid SEO

search engine optimization

Organic SEO

The goal of organic SEO is to create helpful content that answers the questions or solves the problems people are searching for. The content and your website’s coding must be friendly and approachable to humans while also paying attention to the technical details that search engines use to determine whether to list a page in the search results. Think of organic SEO like getting in line and waiting for your turn when your content rises to the top of the list.
pay per click marketing

Paid SEO

By using paid advertisements, you can take a shortcut to the front of the line and reach the top of the search results list quickly. The jump is temporary, however, and does not affect your organic rank. Once you stop paying, you return to the end of the line. Paid ads on search engines point to your website or landing page, and is the most effective when your destination pages are high quality and follow the same standards used to achieve organic SEO success.

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SEO: The Very Basics for Beginners
SEO: The Very Basics for Beginners
Promoting your site and your content are important ways to drive traffic to your website. However, up to 64 percent of web traffic comes from organic search, or when someone types a few words into a search engine like Google and chooses one of the unpaid links in the results. One recent survey gives 90 percent of all organic search credit to Google so today we will be talking about the best practices for getting your links to the top of Google’s results pages.

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Deciphering Some Technical SEO Best Practices, Part 1
Deciphering Some Technical SEO Best Practices, Part 1
In our last post, we talked about how important it is to make sure your content is high quality. Google has its own customers—people using search engines—that it must answer to. By tailoring your content to Google and its customers, you can increase the likelihood that Google will return your content near the top of the list of search engine results. We also mentioned that there are a few technical bits to know about to give Google the right shortcuts to understand what your page is about, and that’s what we will detail in the next two posts.

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Deciphering Some Technical SEO Best Practices, Part 2
Deciphering Some Technical SEO Best Practices, Part 2
On our journey through the SEO jungle, we are looking at the various ways that you can directly have an impact on how well you rank in a list of Google search results. So far, we have covered what quality content is and we talked about some of the technical aspects of search engine optimization that you should know about—specifically on-page optimization factors. Today, we are going to go through a few more on-page factors that Google is looking for when it is scanning your web pages.

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SEO Strategies for Long Term Results

Optimizing your website and your content for search engines is the only way to make sure you are found by the right people at the right time. We have a proven record of success for our clients, and we’ll deliver the same success for you.

Is your current SEO strategy not working or non-existent? Let us help you develop a plan to get more traffic, more leads, and more paying customers.

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