How to Generate More Leads From Your Website


Published: March 31, 2020 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
how to generate more leads from your website

The foundation of any business is the customers, and finding new people to purchase your products and services is always going to be part of your business plan. Your website should be a lead-generating powerhouse, designed and structured in a way that’s meant to bring customers knocking on your door. If you need a few ideas to generate website leads, prepare to be amazed!

1. That Fresh Feeling
Websites are meant to be continually refreshed with new content and new ideas. A stale, outdated website can make you look behind-the-times, or that you don’t take pride in your business. Your competition might look more attractive, and your SEO results could suffer.

Here are some ideas for giving your website a freshening up to generate website leads:
  • Remove old products and services; replace them with new ones, complete with current descriptions and photos.

  • Post a new blog post or news article. Remember, share them slowly over time, not all at once!

  • Update your homepage based on your current marketing strategy. For example, if you have a big sale or event coming up, put it on your homepage.

  • Create web pages that take a deep dive into your company. For example, detail your processes, introduce your team, discuss your company values, or demonstrate how to use your products.

  • When in doubt, ask! Use a feedback form or email link to see what current customers and clients want to see on your website.
2. Mobile-Friendly is a Must!
About 60 percent of web users are on mobile devices. While many of us are using desktops and laptops at work and occasionally at home, most browsing is done on a smartphone or tablet device, and it’s critical to have a customized user experience for this group.

The best route is to develop a responsive website, or one that is ready to display on a variety of devices and screen sizes. In the past, you may have had a dedicated mobile site that ran in tandem with your “regular” one. However, those are cumbersome to maintain and still don’t take into consideration the variety of screen sizes, from the smallest phone to the biggest iPads.

3. Content is King
Content can be anything from a long, detailed blog post to a quick video to a single graphic. Content is the information you’re giving to the users of your website, and it’s what you’re going to use to generate website leads. In other words, it’s vital!

To make the most of your content, it must be unique and original. Nobody wants to come to your website to see what can be found anywhere else. Quality is also important, as significant as the quality of your products and services. You wouldn’t disappoint your customers with inferior products; don’t do it with your content, either. Good content will demonstrate your expertise to keep users on your website longer and encourage them to come back later, too.

4. Be Modern
Your web design should be up-to-date with current trends. That doesn’t mean you have to constantly redesign your site on the whim of what’s popular, but it does mean that there are a few details to keep in mind based on what people are looking for in a website. Most of these details also help people navigate your pages and find what they’re looking for faster so they’re sound tactics for generating website leads, not just fashionable traits:
  • Break it up. Pages should use lots of bands, sections, and subheadings so they are easily skimmable. As much as we’d like every last word to be savored, people prefer to skip around to the parts they like.

  • Visual Aids. Anywhere you do have long sections of text, give your readers’ eyes plenty of places to rest by including photos, graphics, a short video break, or even something as simple as colorful lines.

  • Bullets. Bullets and numbered lists are a great way to make a page less visually overwhelming and make lists of information easier to digest.
5. Navigation Notes
Nothing is more annoying to website users than not being able to find what they’re looking for. Take the time to create a site structure that will support your efforts to generate website leads and make your site easy and intuitive to navigate.

Do this by putting things where people expect them! For example, a logo in the top left corner should always be a shortcut to your home page. Contact information should always be found in the footer of every page. A navigation bar should always be at the top of the page, and should always direct people to your home page, contact page, products or services, about page, and blog. The rest of your pages should be arranged in a way that makes sense, with plenty of links and buttons for getting around.

6. Who Are You Talking To?
Before embarking on any strategy to generate website leads, you have to first define who you think those leads are going to be. After all, it’s impossible to create content that will entice them if you don’t know what they need, want, and like.

Create a target audience profile to answer those questions. Then, base your branding, color, content, fonts, and everything else on what will attract that audience profile. Lastly, assess your results often and adjust whenever it’s necessary (remember, websites should never go stale!).

7. Customer Focused
Everything on your website should be focused on the needs of your customers. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being self-serving and self-descriptive. Many aspects of the business world demand that you do this, but generating website leads is not one of them.

The goal of your website is to be helpful, informative, specific, and happy to help. Always avoid the hard sell. Your content should be reliable, honest, and make people feel as if they can trust you. Lastly, make sure your content is clean (no typos!) and well organized.

8. The One Exception
There are a few things that you should be bragging about if you want to generate website leads, and that includes any cues you can give to your audience that you’re safe, credible, and trustworthy. While you might not want to create a whole page dedicated to talking about these things, there is one great way to make this point effectively: logos! If you’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau, licensed by an industry agency, have a bunch of Google reviews, or any other similar affiliation, put up those logos!

Website users are familiar with these concepts, and many people use them to make quick judgments about whether they should stick around or not. Bonus points for anyone who makes them clickable and links to a Google profile, BBB listing, or other destination that will verify your claims when possible.

9. You Have to Give to Get
The key to generating more website leads is to make it a two-way transaction in which both of you have something to gain. That way, people will feel more confident about choosing you. What you give depends a great deal on your industry, products, and services. Some ideas include a free trial, a complimentary consultation, or a product sample.

All you should ask for in return for these freebies is the person’s contact information. Once that exchange has happened, presto! You’ve got leads.

10. Maximize Your SEO Potential
Almost 90 percent of shoppers now begin their product searches online. More than 60 percent of website traffic is coming from organic searches, or pages people find that are not paid to be found. Plus, 90 percent of organic search credit goes to Google.

Long story short: almost everyone starts a product search on Google.

What that means to you is that SEO is no longer optional. While Google isn’t exactly transparent about how their search engine works, they are fairly straightforward about what you can do to improve your chances of being found in an organic search. In the simplest terms, your website needs to be well-structured and your content needs to be valuable. There’s plenty of expanding we can do (have done!) on that topic, but that’s the bottom line.

Generating Website Leads
While there’s no single path that’s guaranteed to bring you more website leads, there are plenty of strategies you can use to increase your numbers. What’s more, there are ways to accommodate virtually every industry and price point. In other words, there’s room for everyone to be successful generating leads online.

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