Micro Moments: What Are They and Why You Should Care


Published: October 9, 2017 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Micro Moments: What Are They and Why You Should Care

When the web first made its debut in American households, engaging with it was an event. One might grab a drink, sit down at the computer desk, and begin the process of dialing in and signing on. A thorough sweep of all digital interests was made: email, news sites, maybe a discussion board. Then, the connection was broken and the user walked away from the web.

Today’s web users live in a completely different world. Smartphones and omnipresent Wi-Fi are keeping the internet in everyone’s pockets all day--and probably all night, too. Although we can all imagine the stereotypical youngster zoned out on their phone, the reality is that the average length of a mobile web session is just over one minute long.

When you put them together, these minutes add up to almost three hours that we’re spending on our phones. What are we doing in these brief minutes? What’s going on between these minutes?

We’ll be spending the next several posts picking apart what these minutes--or micro-moments--are, what they are not, and how you can make the most of them.

What is (and isn’t) a Micro-Moment

A good portion of the individual minutes we’re spending on our phones is made up of social interactions. From texting a partner to pick up a gallon of milk to posting a cute snapshot of the baby on social media, these moments are important to us all--and highly personal.

The last thing anyone wants is for a brand to barge in and announce themselves while we’re trying to show off our kids.

On the other hand, many of these moments are ripe for branded interactions and many of us would even welcome some well-placed suggestions. Say you’re on a trip with a friend in a new city and you’re looking for somewhere to have lunch. Or, you’re watching a program with your kids and they start asking a hundred questions. Perhaps you’re at a red light and a kind driver lets you know that one of your brake lights is out.

In each of those scenarios, we’re likely to pick up our smartphones to start finding solutions. These are micro-moments.

Connected, not Continuous

Micro-moments are often connected to one another, although not continuous--especially for major purchases and big events. Finding somewhere to eat lunch might be a single-session activity. Repairing a brake light might be several: where to buy a bulb, which bulb is correct, how to replace the bulb.

In some cases, the moments are likely to carry over from one device to another. Perhaps a consumer gets an idea while on the train home from work and starts doing a bit of research. She suspends the search when she arrives at her stop, but picks it back up on her tablet later that evening. She might even complete a purchase the next day from her work computer.

Battle of the Brands

In the endless competition for consumer attention, micro-moments are the next playing field for brands to outshine one another. To succeed at earning the action of your audience, you have to be in the right moment, offer something useful, and make the interaction effortless--remember, you’re trying to get into a one-minute interaction.

We’ll show you how to do exactly that over the next several posts. Stay tuned!

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