Micro-Moments: Make Sure You're There


Published: October 16, 2017 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Micro-Moments: Make Sure You're There

Many brands will dedicate a lot of resources to visibility. Branding and brand awareness are important ways to be sure that consumers know who you are, what your values are, and why you can be trusted for solutions. 

Making sure you’re visible in micro-moments, or the brief moments when a consumer turns to their smartphone to find solutions, is just as important--and becoming increasingly essential every day.

Why Visibility is Important
More than 90 percent of smartphone users are not sure which brand they want to purchase when they begin looking for information online. That’s just about everybody. 

What’s more, of the 10 percent that already knows which brand they prefer, a third of them have purchased from a different brand because of information provided in the moment they were searching. Not convinced yet? More than half of all smartphone users have discovered a new company or product during a mobile search.

In other words, you have access to an audience that is tremendously influenced by branded behavior just by showing up in micro-moments.

Get Ready
Before you can start driving traffic and action from mobile users during micro-moments, it’s absolutely essential for you to have the right place for them to land.

Making your brand and website mobile-friendly is a critical first step as you’ll primarily be targeting mobile users. While some micro-moments may happen on other devices, the vast majority of what you’ll be targeting are in-the-moment activities, and most people simply reach for their smartphone in these moments. 

Here are a few key points to make sure your website hits:
  • Mobile-friendly software. Make sure your site isn’t full of things like Flash that won’t load properly on most mobile devices.

  • Easy to Read. You don’t want users to have to pinch and scroll all over the place to see your pages.

  • Easy to Click. Make your buttons nice and big, and far enough away from other clickable items to prevent “fat finger” mistakes.

  • Fast. Never forget that you’re trying to insert your brand into a one-minute window. There is absolutely no time to waste on load times.
Get Set
The next step is to consider where you are already in micro-moments, and which opportunities you are missing. Think about some of the keywords and topics consumers are searching for in your industry and try some of those searches from your phone. Are you there? Is your messaging effective?

If you are showing up, are you there across the range of micro-moments and steps along the way to a purchase decision? Are you there even when consumers aren’t quite thinking of buying, but are still wondering about things? Are you there to make suggestions for things consumers haven’t even thought of yet?


When you’re ready to jump into micro-moments, your next move will be to understand the different types of moments so you know how to be there. Up next, we’ll dig into how these moments are different so you can come up with the best strategies for each.

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