Industrial Companies That are Killing It On Social Media


Published: June 29, 2020 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Industrial Companies That are Killing It On Social Media

When most people think about companies that have a great social media marketing strategy, it’s usually fun and trendy brands or big names that are having a little fun. For example, Wendy’s restaurant has been making people laugh for months with their spicy quips, and GoPro has hours of mesmerizing footage to share and attract attention.

Where do industrial companies fit in? You may think that they’re just too dry and dull for social media, but that’s not the case at all! Here’s a look at several industrial companies with an outstanding social media marketing strategy to inspire you.

1. General Electric

Along with the household appliances most people know GE for, the company also produces everything from aircraft engines and medical imaging to power generation tools and equipment for the oil and gas industries. While many people may have an interest in these items and might want to learn more about them, it seems like a complete miss for the general public, right?

Wrong. Head over to their Instagram feed to see how they’re getting it just right. The first thing you’ll notice is all the faces in the photos. Most of the images include real people on the job and the ones that do not feature people are just plain interesting to look at (there’s a talented photographer somewhere who deserves a shout-out for these!). What’s more, nearly every photo manages to have a bit of their branded blue so the grid is impeccably cohesive.

2. Dow Chemical Company

Dow is a manufacturer of chemicals, agricultural products, and plastics and mainly focus on distributing their products to other industries, not direct consumers. That means that they not only have to carve out space for a B2B social media marketing strategy, but they also must overcome not having the most visually appealing products to showcase.

How do they make this work? Check out their LinkedIn feed for the answer. Many of their posts are aimed at people seeking employment with Dow or in the industry, but even more are focused on their mission and how they are working to improve lives every day. Plus, once headlines around the world were consumed with Covid-19 reports, Dow switched their coverage to focus mainly on how they are contributing to solutions around the world by repurposing facilities to produce hand sanitizer and donate much of it to health systems and government agencies.

3. K&N Filters

Their products are simple: air filters. Their target audience seems to be vehicle owners, but they also manufacture air filters for the home, shop, and mobile home vehicles. It might seem like there’s just not much to talk about here as filters are a fairly straightforward product that people buy when they need them.

What K&N is getting right is their Facebook feed. Their social media marketing strategy is built around people who love fast cars and maintaining high-performance vehicles. It’s absolutely covered in photos of speedy cars and trucks, along with many close-up shots of engines with their filters easy to spot. What’s more, their audience is so engaged that most posts feature either comments from happy customers or customer photos of K&N’s filters in use.

4. 3M

3M is responsible for an incredible variety of products available to virtually every industry along with consumer products that include everything from tape and sticky notes to sandpaper and fabric-care products. It might seem impossible to create a unified social media marketing strategy when your audience consists of both B2B and B2C, and the spectrum of offers is so vast.

Stop by 3M’s Twitter feed to see how it’s done. You’ll find very few mentions of specific products or services and tons of information about how the people of 3M are working to create a better world. From hosting a scholarship contest for Engineer’s Week to highlighting scientists and engineers in history and those working today, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Making it Work for You

For industrial companies ready to dive into social media, there are a few important takeaways from these examples. First, you’ve probably noticed that all of them heavily focus on people in their social media marketing strategy, and that’s no accident. Your widgets may be painfully boring, but the people who create them all have a story to tell. Second, each example demonstrates the importance of staying on-brand when creating social media updates. Whether it’s through carefully curated photos to create the right look and feel to finding the right balance between a highly-targeted audience and broad appeal, each of these companies has mastered the process.

If you still think you’re too dull for social media or you don’t know how to breathe life into your social media marketing strategy so people will find it compelling, we can help! Our social media strategies for industrial companies are designed for lasting results.

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Creative Director Jason co-founded Hometown Design Studio of New Lenox, IL in 2013. He spends his days guiding and consulting industrial clients and small businesses owners on their marketing strategy and projects. Jason enables everyone to be successful and grow their business by sharing his knowledge and experience.
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