Holiday Marketing Ideas for Social Media


Published: December 14, 2020 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Holiday Marketing Ideas for Social Media

The holiday shopping season is always a busy time for businesses big and small. The good news for small businesses this year is that shoppers are choosing small more often than ever before. In fact, about 70 percent of people said they have visited a small business either online or in-person at least once a month since the pandemic hit.

What’s more, at least one-fifth of them will continue to choose to shop small at least five times per month! Capturing the attention of these community-minded customers will be critical. Social media is a great place to build excitement and make connections with your customers during the season. Here are some holiday marketing ideas to help build your momentum.

Holiday Marketing Strategy

What’s New for 2020

This year’s landscape is practically unrecognizable compared to the last few years. Before we dig into this year’s holiday marketing ideas, let’s take some time to see what’s new and trending for 2020. One of the most significant shifts for this year is consumer behavior. While some people are comfortable shopping in person for products and services, many are not.

Plus, some area authorities have not ruled out additional closures during the peak shopping season. That means it’s critical for business owners to have online and alternate shopping options available. It’s also important to communicate these methods on your social feeds fairly frequently. As far as what consumers are looking for this year, it’s low prices and free shipping. Many people are either out of work or have reduced schedules, so budgets are tight.

Lastly, make sure your online customer support information is easy for people to find. Many customers will reach out directly on your social media feeds and expect an instant answer. If you don’t have your feeds monitored at all hours, be sure to post your available hours to set the right expectations for your shoppers and avoid frustration and disappointment.

Update Your Look

Keeping your social media profiles from going stale is always important, and the holidays are no exception. When your cover photos and profile pictures reflect the holiday season, it shows your audience that you’re feeling merry and ready to celebrate. You can choose to keep it simple by updating cover photos with stock images of holiday themes, but if you have the time and budget, there’s plenty of room to get festive.

For example, taking a new profile photo featuring you or your staff wearing holiday-themed clothing or accessories is one way to deck your profiles. Or, collect your team and shoot a group photo with holiday props to use as a new cover photo. You can also make a fun update to your business logo to use during the season, such as adding a Santa hat to the top or wrapping your logo in a string of lights.

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Social Feeds

When planning your holiday marketing campaigns, remember that the goal of your social media channels is to be entertaining and engaging. You want to keep people thinking about your brand without too many pushy holiday sales-related posts and build a bit of anticipation for your most significant events or promotions. Here are some post ideas to get you started:

Holiday Marketing Ideas For Your Social Feeds
  • Ask Your Audience. Everyone loves to tell their own story, so prompt your followers to share photos or tell their stories. Ask what their favorite or worst gifts were, what their best memories are, or what people are grateful for this year.
  • Holiday Traditions. We all celebrate different holidays and have traditions to go along with them. Share some of the practices followed by your crew and ask your audience to share theirs, too. Or, research the origins of common traditions and share them with your readers.
  • Recipes. Many holiday celebrations are centered around special dishes and meals. Share your favorite recipes and ask for your fans to share theirs with bonus points for photos.
  • Best & Worst Lists. When delivered with an air of fun, a best or worst list can be a great conversation starter! Some ideas include lists of Christmas movies and holiday songs.
  • This or That. Post a photo featuring two items and ask which one is preferred. For example, a real Christmas tree or an artificial one. Or, Mariah Carey vs. Michael Buble. You can even set up a poll that will post the results in real-time.
  • Event Roundups. Whether live or virtual, most people appreciate lists of holiday events that they might be interested in. Consider your audience when choosing which events to highlight. For example, events for kids or art-themed gatherings.
  • Go Live. Going live can be a little scary if you’re not used to the focus being on you, but it’s an incredible tool for gaining attention. If you’re not sure what to do on your live feed, consider giving someone a Santa costume and having them announce the winners of your contests and giveaways. Or, do a behind-the-scenes look at “Santa’s Elves” in your production or shipping area.
  • Create a Playlist. Spotify and YouTube provide the ability to create and share custom playlists with your fans. Whether it’s your favorite Christmas carols or your best list of holiday songs that aren’t about Christmas, give us something fun to listen to!

Engage Yourself

As you’re interacting with your own feeds, be sure to give some attention to the feeds of your clients and others in your community and industry. Share and repost some of their holiday-themed posts, special offers, and any holiday-related mentions you get. Everyone will appreciate it when you amplify their messaging, and many will return the favor for you, too.

Keeping your social media feeds full of the holiday spirit this season can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Whether you’d like a makeover of your profiles, a handful of creative posts, or need someone to manage your entire holiday campaign, we’re ready. Contact us to get started today.

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