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Stand Out from the Competition.

Graphic design is more than just good looks. Professional design can turn interest into action by understanding what moves your audience and how to help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, expert designers will ensure a professional finish for all your projects, both in print and online.

Express who you are, attract more customers, and build consistency through professional graphic design.

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Our Graphic Design Work

We are proud of our graphic design and marketing services and love to show off what our graphic designers
create for our clients. A selection of completed client projects are shown below.

graphic design booklet

Booklets, Pamplets, and Brochures
product label graphic design

Product Labeling

Carrying your branding through to product labeling is essential to maintain the look and feel and to ensure brand recognition extended to your products. Market knowledge of the target audience is used to develop logos and to design product labels. Working closely with the vendor to ensure color and size accuracy was an important final step to provide successfully branded labels.
restaurant menu graphic designer

Restaurant Menus
industrial graphic design decal

Industrial Decal Design

Our graphic designers will listen to your vision and use our creative expertise to bring it to life. We work closely with the printing vendor to be sure decals are printed correctly and used a material that can withstand harsh, hot environment where the products are used.
tradeshow booth graphic design

Tradeshow Booth Graphic Design

In the industrial services sector, tradeshows are an integral part of growing a successful company. Quad Plus needed a tradeshow booth for an annual convention in Las Vegas that was as visually appealing as it was functional.

We designed the booth using the layout provided, and consulted with the Quad Plus team to understand their vision while offering our expert guidance to be sure new leads would visit the booth during the convention.

Before producing the final product, we created a 3D model of the booth so the Quad Plus team could visualize the final product and be confident with the results. We then coordinated with the booth vendor to ensure a high-quality print would result from the drawings and design provided. Lastly, we recommended carpet and furniture selections to coordinate with the booth design.
graphic design custom icons

Custom Icons

Logos Strengthen Customer Relationships.

Your logo is not only a visual representation of your brand, but it is also a bridge between you and your customers. Logos inspire an emotional reaction and can either encourage or discourage customers to take action. Let our graphic designers help you design a logo that motivates your customers.
New Lenox Graphic Designer

What We Can Do For You

Print Design Agency
Even in a sea of digital designs, print media is still a key component of a successful marketing mix. Whether it's a brochure, flyer, or magazine ad, our designs will help attract new customers, improve loyalty, and drive sales.
Digital Graphic Designer
Digital media needs to be eye catching and consistent with your brand messaging to make an impact. Creating graphics for your social media and email campaigns, websites, and ebooks will boost customer awareness and build interest.
Professional Photographer
As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. We will excite your customers and motivate them to choose you. Our photographer will capture your interior and exterior spaces, products, and employees in action. Can't use images because of NDA agreements? We have the marketing knowledge to create a photography strategy that works for you and your clients.

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Graphic Design That Makes an Impact

Professional graphic design helps your business look and feel more trustworthy. It also makes an impact on your customers and drives them to take action.

We are skilled at assembling color, layout, and photography to gain your customer’s attention and draw them in. If your current graphic design isn’t compelling customers to choose you, let us help you build trust and stand out from the competition.

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