Events 101: Event Promotion Strategies that Work


Published: March 16, 2020 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Events 101 - Event Promotion Strategies that Work

Hosting an event, whether in-person or virtual, is a fun and effective way to create excitement around your brand, boost product sales, or gain new followers and signups. Of course, your event will only be successful if you can draw a crowd. Here’s what you need to know about event promotion strategies to get more people excited and involved.

1. Start With Facebook Events
Facebook Events are the perfect starting point because they allow you to create a space with all the information attendees will need along with an easy way for people to share the information with friends, family, and colleagues. People can ask questions, tag their friends, see if anyone they know will be attending, get directions, and more. In other words, the Facebook Event can serve as the hub of your promotion and planning to simplify your efforts as you can redirect people from all over the web to your Facebook Event.

Facebook Events also allow people to RSVP, an idea that’s helpful in a couple ways. First, you’ll be able to see how much traction your event promotion strategies are creating so you’ll know if you need to step up your efforts. Facebook Events will also provide a handy reminder for anyone who has marked themselves as “interested” or “going” to your event so they don’t forget to show up!

Get your promotion efforts off on the right foot by putting in extra time and effort to make your Facebook Event exciting. Be sure to fill in all the fields completely, and give your event an enticing name. Include an exciting photo or video, and be sure to choose an accurate category so your event can show up in relevant searches.

2. Expand Your Invitation
Use a tool such as EventBrite or Evite to create one more hub for your event to capture the attention of anyone who isn’t on Facebook and to have a simple tool for messaging your contact lists and anyone who has signed up for your email lists. Both of these tools also allow you to loop in your Facebook friends and Facebook Event so you don’t have to manage two separate lists of people.

One more place to keep in mind is your website! If you host regular events, you may want an entire page dedicated to what’s coming up. For your biggest events, you’ll want to have a prominent post on your home page during the weeks leading up to your event, and possibly for several days following the event to post thank-you notes, recaps, photos, and more.

3. Start Sharing!
From an appealing sneak-peak with a save-the-date graphic to a longer blog post that covers all the details of the event, you want to have lots of content ready to spread around the web to promote your event.

For starters, you’ll want to share the Facebook Event link to all your social feeds. If you’ve included an enticing photo or video for your event, then this should appear with the link when you share. However, your event promotion strategy should include sharing this link more than once leading up to your event so you’ll want to have some fresh content and graphics to go along with it so people don’t tune out.

For example, you can snap some photos of the behind-the-scenes action as you start setting up for the event, share some photos of food or drinks that will be served, showcase any speakers or special guests, or share photos from previous events. With each share, be sure to include what the event is, when it will happen, and why it’s so exciting.

4. Tips for Social Sharing
How often should you be sharing content? The answer to this lies in how large your audience is and how much regular content you typically share. At least once per week leading up to the event should be where you start, but add a few more if you’re used to a particularly active feed. Then, post at least once on the two days prior to and the day of the event as a reminder.

You also want to make sure you’re creating new posts in the event itself (not just your business or personal feed). These posts will help boost the visibility of the event as well as provide fresh content for people to share to expand the reach of your event promotion strategies even further. Make sure your Event posts include a mix of photos, videos, and personal messages such as “

Don’t forget about the excitement and buzz from discounts and giveaways! Some ideas include coupons that can be brought to your event for discounted products, free or discounted entry to your event, and branded swag you give away to lucky ticket holders.

5. To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag?
Hashtags have limited effectiveness on Facebook, but they’re practically a requirement on Twitter and Instagram. A branded hashtag can make it easier to promote your event, especially once people start picking it up and using it. The more the hashtag is used and shared, the more popular it will become and be more likely to show up in related searches, recommended posts, and recommended events. If you host events on a regular basis, consider one hashtag to use with all your event promotion strategies (i.e., #CompanyEvents) along with one for each event (i.e., #SpringEvent2020).

You should also spend some time choosing non-branded hashtags to include with your post to get the attention of people who are interested. Examples include hashtags for the city or location, related industries, or specialty niches like women in business, small business, entrepreneurs, etc.

6. During & After Your Event
Once the big day arrives, your event promotion strategies are still needed! Throughout your event, be sure to post plenty of happy people who are attending, highlight special speakers or guests, and photos of products on display. If you have any giveaways or prizes, consider live-streaming the results for a bit of extra drama. By keeping up the energy throughout your event, you’ll not only help tip the scale for anyone hesitating to come, but you might make a few people sorry they’ve missed it so they’ll be sure to come to the next event you host.

After the event, always be sure to thank everyone who came to your event, made a purchase, or helped put everything together and make it successful. Not only is it just good manners, but everyone likes to be recognized for doing their part and this will help people make good connections with you and your brand.

Help With Event Promotion Strategies
If you’re planning a big event and want to make sure it’s a success, we can help! Whether you want someone to handle the start-to-finish promotion or just need a few gaps filled in, let us know. Our event promotion strategies will help you draw a crowd!

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