Email Marketing in 2020: Still Going Strong


Published: August 24, 2020 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Email Marketing in 2020: Still Going Strong

Back in 2015, we did a review of the state of email marketing and talked about some of the ways this strategy has changed over the years. Just five years ago, responsive design was considered a good idea and an easy way to accommodate a variety of devices. Today, responsive design is a baseline starting point and a must-have for virtually everything on the web! Five years is a long time when it comes to technology, so we think it’s time for an update on email marketing strategies for businesses.

The Castaways

Over the last several years, many emerging technologies such as responsive design and automated delivery methods continued to improve. That might make it seem like there’s a long list of best-practices to leave behind in favor of new ones, but the truth is that email marketing strategies are still centered around the needs of the readers, and there’s not too much to leave behind.

There is one important castaway, and that’s the long-form email. Many companies rely on a regular newsletter-style email to maintain regular contact with their lists. Still, it might be time to give your newsletter format an overhaul—especially if you’ve been sending multiple paragraphs of text. People want to see less text and more visual elements.

That doesn’t mean you have to do away with the newsletter entirely. Instead, transform the whole newsletter into a blog or similar update on your website, and then break that down into headlines for your email. By using page jumps, or links that bring the user to a specific part of the page rather than the top, you can use a “read more” button and bring your readers right to the section they would like to read.

The Newcomers

Many of the email marketing trends for 2020 are continuations of past trends and best-practices that have been refined to make use of advancing technology. There are a handful of things that are either new or have been reprioritized to keep in mind:

  1. Mobile First. In the past, marketers were advised to include mobile users when optimizing their email marketing strategies, and now we’re telling everyone to start there first. Mobile devices are now used to open almost half of all emails, and if it looks good on a phone, it’ll be great on a larger device, too.

  2. Dark Mode. While we’re talking about optimizing for mobile users, we should take a minute to talk about dark mode. The option to use light-colored text and graphics on a dark background isn’t new, but the top email providers such as Apple, Gmail, and Outlook have all included dark-mode settings as of last year and people are loving it. Test a few layouts that accommodate dark mode and see what your readers think.

  3. Accessibility. The technology to make it easy for people with visual or hearing difficulties to access their email has come a long way in recent years. Making sure a variety of readers can easily engage with your content is important, and minimalist layouts are the way to go. Everyone appreciates a clean, simple, easy-to-read design, and screen readers and other helpful devices love them even more.

  4. Interactive Elements. From videos and surveys to user-generated content, people respond well when there’s something to do besides read an email. These elements are also a great way to tie your social media campaigns to your email marketing strategy (e.g., request customer photos on Instagram and include your favorites in an email), collect information, and boost user engagement.

Trust is Still Key

We don’t need to tell you that maintaining strong levels of trust with your customers is critical for the long-term growth of your business. What we can tell you is that most people are very receptive to receiving relevant marketing messages and trust that the information sent from brands they know is reliable. Make sure you’re doing your part to maintain that trust by ensuring everyone on your list has clearly opted-in to receive your messages, that you promptly remove anyone who requests it, and that you’re working hard to make your email content relevant and useful to the recipient.

If you’re ready to incorporate email marketing strategies into your overall marketing plan, we’re ready to get to work. Our strategies have been proven to bring measurable results that will boost your bottom line.

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