Customer Experience Marketing 101


Published: April 16, 2018 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Customer Experience Marketing 101

Customer experience marketing means putting the customer experience at the center of all your marketing activities. Content marketing touches on this idea by focusing on consumer questions and needs and providing solutions. Customer experience marketing lets this seep out into all aspects of your business strategy. It means taking the old adage of the customer always being right and putting that wisdom into everyday practice in a digital world.

Why Consumer Experience Marketing Works

The simple answer is that consumer experience marketing works because you’re giving people what they want. When you give people what they want, they give you what you want (their business).

The more nuanced answer is that this type of marketing allows you to create remarkable experiences for your audience by meeting their expectations across channels and devices. When you create experiences that make people feel happy and excited, they are five times more likely to purchase from you

The result is an increase in brand loyalty which is excellent for your long-term bottom line. You’ll enjoy higher customer satisfaction rates, and more trust among your audiences. As people enjoy their experiences more, they’ll engage with your digital assets more. Higher engagement provides you with greater insight into behaviors so you can keep refining your approach.

Consumer Experience Roadblocks

The concept behind this type of marketing is simple, but the implementation can have a few bumps in the road. By far, the biggest stumbling block is understanding your customers and your wider audiences deeply enough to deliver on their expectations. Without a constant stream of data and the resources to analyze it and draw meaningful conclusions, you’ll be wandering around in the dark.

Another difficulty lies in the taxing needs of today’s consumers. Their list of demands is longer than ever while patience and attention spans are dwindling. That means there’s not a lot of room for error, and that it can take a lot of effort and commitment to deliver on those high expectations. Of course, that doesn’t mean that consumer experience marketing isn’t worth it, only that you’ll need a few tools in your box to get the job done right.

Getting the Consumer Experience Right

To experience something means encountering it, engaging with it, interacting with it, and feeling it. Remember that people have five senses that make up a total experience. Digital marketing seems limited to just sights and sounds, but that doesn’t mean you can use those to conjure up familiar smells, tastes, and touches, too. In your journey to creating exceptional experiences, make sure that you’re taking a holistic approach.

Data collection and analysis is also critical. Checking in on basic website metrics isn’t going to scratch the surface here. Instead, you want a deep dive into things like engagement rates, clicks, conversions, and the granular results of A/B testing across all your digital assets--including social media. Surveys and reviews are also important sources of knowledge to scour. 

It’s also important to keep the customer’s experience at the top of the list of goals for your entire team, from business strategies to sales and marketing to customer service. Make sure to share data and insight across departments as your customers only see one thing: the company. They’re not concerned with whether they’re working with your top sales rep or billing support, or whether they’re on the phone or a web chat.

Experience as a Company Culture

Because people interact with your company from many directions, delivering the experience that people want must happen in every area: from the top executives making sweeping decisions to the single customer service agent on the phone with one customer. When everyone is on board, it becomes part of your company culture to put the experience first rather than having it as a task on your to-do list. When it’s part of who you are as a company, that’s when you’ll start exceeding consumer expectations and reaping the rewards.

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