Creating a Logo Design that Symbolizes Your Brand


Published: February 20, 2017
Creating a Logo Design that Symbolizes Your Brand

If you think about the most recognizable brands, what usually comes to mind isn’t the products and services themselves, but the branding and, more specifically, the logo associated with the brand. When developing a logo for your brand, you want an image that will visually represent everything that your company and your products stand for. Here are a few things to keep in mind when developing your brand’s logo.

Keep it Simple

Given everything that a logo should represent, the temptation is there to make it complex or to add a lot of detail to give your customers more information. On the other hand, busy logos are more confusing and visually unpleasant and may be more of a distraction than anything else. Consider the uncomplicated Nike Swoosh: it communicates their core message of movement and athleticism yet is simple enough for use on both their products and advertising materials.

The bottom line: a clean, simple design will be the most effective for developing lasting brand recognition.

Consider Usage

For some brands, branding and communication is done with a mix of print and online sources. Others may communicate primarily on the web, but most of their readers are using a smartphone rather than a desktop computer. Each of these mediums renders logos a bit differently, and even a little added complexity can get lost when shrunk for a smartphone screen. When designing your logo, consider all the places you’ll use it including on building signs, business cards, and other communications.

Timeless vs. Trendy

On the one hand, a trendy image will make your company look modern and in-touch with contemporary consumers. On the other, the more fashionable your logo the more often you’ll have to update it to retain that up-to-date look. The best designs will look clean and sophisticated over time by using a few modern elements that rest on classic design.

Getting the Right Image

Just because a logo is clean and simple doesn’t mean the development of the logo will be a fast process. In fact, in a 2011 interview, the developer of the Nike Swoosh confessed that developing that iconic image took more than 17 hours! While we don’t expect each of our clients to dedicate almost 20 hours to every design project we work on, we do want to be sure that enough time is spent understanding the messaging and intent of the logo and conceptualizing the right types of images to represent your brand.

Lastly, it is important to remember that your logo is only one piece of the puzzle. Even the most perfectly designed logo won’t gain any momentum without strong messaging and excellent service behind it. When your entire branding effort is focused on communicating your values to your current and potential customers, your logo will start to dig in and take hold as a visual representation of your bigger message.

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