Branding Not Just for Customers: Bring Employees on Board


Published: March 13, 2017 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Branding is Not Just for Customers: Bringing Employees on Board

Branding is about more than just getting your current and potential customers familiar with what your company is all about. It is also about getting all of your employees on the same page, too. When your entire team not only knows what your core values are, but also believes in your ability to deliver on those promises, then they become happier employees and better advocates for your brand. Here are a few ways that you can make sure your branding carries over internally.

Revisit Your Mission Statement

We already talked a little bit about creating a mission statement that tells people what you do and how you do it. We think it’s important to have a short, direct statement that communicates who you are serving and what value you bring to your community.

You don’t need a separate mission statement for your internal team. In fact, we think your mission should be universal and apply to everyone inside and out. However, when thinking about applying your directive to your internal team, you want to make sure it’s something that everyone can rally around. That way, your employees can feel like they are serving a higher purpose than simply earning a paycheck.

When you’re developing your mission statement, be sure to get input from your team—both veterans and newbies alike—to get a feel for what people already think about working for you. You’ll gain valuable insight into what you’re doing well along with some ideas on what might need a little work.

Branding Should Be Part of Onboarding

When you bring on new members to your team, your branding experience should be part of that process. This can be accomplished by making sure your training materials follow all the same guidelines as your marketing materials, and that your company’s core values are communicated to every interviewee and new hire.

Think about a player being signed to a major sports team. On their first day, she will get her own locker, a team uniform, and an introduction to the team’s routines and schedules. Even during daily practices, the team members wear branded t-shirts and hats. During the first few weeks, she’ll quickly pick up on the guiding principles that go beyond skill sets to help the team stay at the top of their game. You want the same welcome for each of your employees, too.

Internal Branding is Continual

More than a couple of slogans framed on the wall, your internal branding should be a part of the everyday experience of working for your company. You want to work on cultivating a company lifestyle, not just holding another boring meeting or making everyone change their email signatures to include your logo. Check in with your team often, and find out how well you’re delivering on your promises.

By consistently staying in touch with your employees and by ensuring that you’re delivering positive experiences, you will build loyalty and trust from your best people. And it is these people who will go out into the world and represent your brand—not because they are paid, but because they are proud to do so.

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