Branding Book: Your Brand Story


Published: February 13, 2017
Branding Book: Your Brand Story

Throughout human history, we have used storytelling as a way to keep ourselves entertained, to keep history, and to pass culture and traditions to the next generation. In fact, storytelling is so important to humans that our brains are wired to tell and receive stories. Your brand story will serve as a complete picture of who you are, why your company or products came to be, and what value people will find when working with your company.

First, Remember Your Audience

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of a brand story, let’s make sure we are starting off on the right foot. Although your story is all about you and your company, the focus is still your audience. Write your story with the customer as the lead; you are only there to support the leading character. That means that your story isn’t an advertisement or a pitch. 

Setting the Tone

The language of your brand story must be the language of your customers. It is not boardroom goals and “thinking outside the box,” and it’s not marketing objectives like “growing traffic.” Ideas like that are meaningless to regular people and they have no place in your brand story. Instead, imagine that you’re describing your company to someone you’ve just met. What would you say? What words would you choose?

What Should You Say? 

Here is your opportunity to talk about some of the reasons your company was founded. What problem did the company solve that was a solution worthy of an entire business? Getting a business off the ground isn’t easy; what drove the founder to success? What big moments has the company had during its history? How has it grown and changed over time? If you are stuck, go back through some of the previous work you have done to find what differentiates you from the competition or how you have defined your core values?

As you start putting your story together, continue to return to your customers. With each point you bring up or anecdote you include, ask yourself what you think your clients would say about that bit. Make sure it’s interesting, relevant and unique to your company to keep the reader interested.

Why Bother?

Writing a story can seem like the last thing you should be focusing on. Will your customers really care about a story when you could be working on another way to make their lives easier? In a word: yes.

Brand stories establish your company’s origin, they humanize the people behind the corporate veneer, and they build connections with people in the way that we are all wired to build connections. They also stick: people will remember your story long after they’ve forgotten a compelling statistic or major award. People will identify with the solo entrepreneur who persisted until her business made it big.

When people connect with your brand, your company and your founders, you will gain another distinct advantage over the competition.

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