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About the Client

Big N Little Shoes is a retail shoe store for children that has been part of the Northwest Indiana community for over 60 years. They specialize in properly fitting children’s feet and provide customers with a wide range of quality shoe brands and styles.
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Objectives, Goals, or Challenges

Some of the challenges faced by Big N Little Shoes included a shift in the market to big box store and online sales. They needed to increase brand awareness, communicate frequently updated products and sales to their customers, and engage current customers to build loyalty and increase sales.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing Example
The content marketing created for Big N Little is used in a variety of different marketing areas, including their website, social media pages, and email marketing. By understanding the audience demographics for Big N Little, we are able to provide targeted, high-quality content which strengthens the relationship with current customers and attracts new potential customers. Content marketing has enhanced their email marketing efforts and their click-through-rate is more than double the average for their industry.

Social Media Marketing

A 270% increase in reach and 130% increase in likes was achieved through marketing strategy planning and content marketing.
  • Decide on promotions and which products will be targeted for advertising
  • Create a monthly content marketing plan with content
  • Schedule posts to optimize reach

Graphic Design

To increase brand awareness and loyalty, marketing materials including business cards, reminder postcards, sales flyers, and banner ads are now all consistent and relevant to each other.
Graphic Design Example


Our main business is providing excellent customer service by properly fitting feet and providing quality shoe brands and new styles to our customers. Our inventory and sales are continually changing. Hometown Design Studio made planning and execute our online marketing strategy easy. Now we can keep our customers updated throughout the season, month, and sometimes even day.
Web Design Testimonial
Millie Gabys
Big N Little Shoes, Store Owner

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