Being There: I Want to Go Moments


Published: November 6, 2017 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
Being There: I Want to Go Moments

I Want to Go moments are ripe for marketers as people are on their way to taking action when these moments begin. They are usually simple requests, such as looking for a place to get lunch or finding the nearest location of a favorite store.

What Kinds of Places Are People Going?
The most common destinations for I Want to Go moments are related to shopping, eating and drinking, or navigating directly to a known location. According to research from Google, almost 80 percent of people are using their mobile devices in this moment, and 69 percent of them start with a search. 

Consider what the process looked like just a decade ago: the yellow pages and a telephone were a requirement, and a paper map might be necessary to find where you were going. Today, shoppers simply use the words “near me” with whatever they are looking for and the job is done.

What Kind of Content Belongs Here?
These moments are rich with intent and purchase power so combining them with paid placements is likely to provide the payout to make it worth it. Another reason to consider paid placements is the ability to highly customize your ads by day, time, and location. If you’re a local pizza and beer favorite, you won’t get much return from Tuesday morning ads but Saturday nights and Sundays during football season will pay off.

Your website and web pages should also contain plenty of locally-oriented information to capture readers who are not looking for an immediate destination, and for businesses that don’t always get impulse customers (think: plumbers, painters, landscapers, etc.). 

Some examples of locally-oriented content include maps, directions, local inventories, and pages that use local keywords such as city names, neighborhood names, streets, and other words that signal to search engines that you’re ready to receive local customers. 

Where Else Should You Be?
If you’re trying to capitalize on I Want to Go moments, there’s more than just your website and Google to consider. For example, directories like Yelp are crucial to local shopping decisions as customers are more likely to choose a company that’s already been vetted by their neighbors.

Make sure you have established pages for Yelp, Google Maps, Yahoo, and any other local directories that apply to your company. Of course, you’ll need more than just a blank page so be sure to complete as much information as possible including phone numbers and addresses. Provide photos if the directory allows, and once your pages are established, start encouraging customers to leave ratings and reviews.

Customers on the Go
Keeping up with mobile customers means laying the foundation of your local presence by making sure you’ve taken control of directory pages and filled them full of information that your customers need. You’ll also want to be sure your website makes it clear where to find your stores. Then, add in a few paid placements to capture the traffic when customers are most likely to be on the go and looking for your products and services to get the best return for your efforts. 

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