5 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your Email Newsletters


Published: August 26, 2015 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
5 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your Email Newsletters

An email newsletter is a great opportunity to keep your brand at the top of your customers’ minds while giving them valuable information that will hopefully lead to a conversion. On the other hand, no matter how much your customers love you, there is only so much patience they are going to have for poorly constructed newsletters. Here are five mistakes you may be making, and what you should do to fix them.

1. Getting too Personal

Do not confuse the email newsletter you send to your customers with the monthly newsletter that is circulated around the office. Your customers do not want to hear about every recent promotion in the office, learn who is expecting, and see a dozen pictures from the company picnic all in one email.

DO: Include a note about you or a member of your team or include a photo of a recent company event to help your customers get to know you and trust your business. Just be sure to keep this to a few lines or a couple photos, and then move on to more important things.

2. Getting too Fancy

At least 15 percent and as many as 50 percent of all email opens are happening on a smartphone, depending on the audience and product. That means the hours you are spending formatting your emails is likely to be for naught. Either your recipients will have images turned off to keep their email moving faster or your fancy layout will get garbled (and deleted) from a tiny smartphone screen.

Keep it clean and keep it simple. Be sure to use alt text (that is, text that appears in lieu of a photo of the user opts not to download your images), and keep the pictures to a minimum. Use good formatting practices by breaking up large blocks of text with subheadings and using lists and bullets where it is appropriate.

3. Being too Vanilla

The information you provide to your readers is the whole reason they are inviting you to their inbox. Do not waste your readers’ time by offering boring tips and tricks that they have seen everywhere else, or skipping the meat altogether. There should always be at least one primary actionable point or useful takeaway from every newsletter you send.

Repurpose other content for your newsletter. It is ok to reuse content from your blog, invite a guest contributor, or get someone from your team to contribute an article for your newsletter.

4. Skipping the Offer

Providing information is great, and it is what your readers want. On the other hand, what you want is more sales. If you are skipping the offer in your email newsletters, you are missing an opportunity to convert readers into customers.

Include at least one call to action that is relevant to the newsletter. It does not have to be directed toward a product or service; links to more content are always a great way to move people down the sales funnel.

5. Forgetting about Consistency

If you develop a loyal following of readers, they will be the happiest when you provide their newsletter on a predictable basis. If you are randomly sending out messages when you get around to it, your messages are more likely to become buried under other promotional messages.

Send your newsletters on the same day, and preferably the same time. Use scheduling software like Constant Contact to ensure your messages go out on a regular schedule. Make sure you are sending at least one message per month, and if you have the resources, aim for two to four messages per month.

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