5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Website Design


Published: November 9, 2015
5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Website Design

Tackling projects yourself is often a great way to save a few bucks and maybe learn a few new things along the way. When it comes to web design, however, doing it yourself could end up costing you in the long run. Web design is about much more than impressive graphics and pretty colors; it is the hub of your company’s presence online and should be working hard to deliver qualified leads to your sales team. In case that is not convincing enough, here are five more reasons to hire a professional web designer.

1. Templates are Great. Right?

Wrong. Simple templates might be an easy way to get a website online fast, but they can never do the work of a custom build. Every business has different needs and goals, and every group of customers approaches businesses in a unique way. A professional web designer will take the time to understand how your business works and how your customers interact with your brand. You will get an entirely original website that is built around that interaction and gives customers the outstanding experience they are expecting.

2. How About DIY Website Builders?

Many web hosting companies offer do-it-yourself website builders as an easy way to build your own custom website. All you have to do is drag and drop the pieces, add a little text, and you are good to go. While this might be great for the casual user, these website builders are extremely limited in the options that you are offered and usually do not take into consideration best practices for keeping your site optimized for search traffic.

3. Speaking of SEO…

Search Engine Optimization is the method that web designers use to make sure your website is easy for search engine users to find you. If you want to get the best SEO results, it helps to have a web designer who understands what search engines want. Knowing how to analyze the search behavior of your target customer base is also helpful. While SEO might be something that many businesses can keep up with themselves, laying the right foundation with a professional build will make sure you are off to a good start.

4. Updates, Upgrades, and Changes

Once you get your complete website build, it might seem like the work is over. However, keeping your website current is a continual project. Technologies change, your information and offerings will change, and you will want to make small tweaks to your marketing or SEO strategies. Having a professional web designer on your side means that all you need to do is communicate these ideas and changes rather than having to slog through them yourself.

5. Professional Appearances Matter

Probably the most important reason to avoid doing your own website is that most of the time, people can tell. When potential customers visit your website, you want to give them a sense of confidence and trust. In fact, almost half of all web users said that finding a business site that does not work well on their mobile devices is a sign that the company simply does not care. Make sure that is not the impression you are leaving with your customers and get a professional, custom website build that is centered around your customers’ needs.

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