4 Key Micro-Moments to Be In


Published: October 23, 2017 Author: Jason Holicky - Hometown Design Studio Inc.
4 Key Micro-Moments to Be In

Micro-moments are short little snippets of time--usually less than a minute long--when people grab their smartphones to find solutions to everyday problems. These aren’t extended research sessions or social interactions; instead, they are quick and people want instant results.

Making sure you’re present in these moments is essential for your company’s success, and we’re here to show you how. To get started, we’re going to break down micro-moments into four categories as each carries a different intent from the searcher.

1. I Want To Know

I Want to Know moments are events of exploration and curiosity. Searches can be triggered by anything from a television commercial to something overheard in a passing conversation. People will also look for quick information that could relate to a purchase--but at this point they are definitely not ready for the hard sell.

The result of the To Know micro-moment is either a satisfied curiosity--perhaps the user has looked up a fact to back up a conversation or answer a question--or it will lead to another actionable micro-moment.

2. I Want To Go

I Want to Go moments are ripe for marketers as people are on their way to taking action when these moments begin. From looking for a store location to finding a place to grab a bite to eat, searchers want an instant result that takes them somewhere.

These moments are ready for all your local search optimization. Consider that searches containing the words “near me” have doubled in the last year and it becomes clear that when people are ready to go, it still starts with a search.

3. I Want To Do

I Want to Do moments can happen before or after a purchase, and they are made up of people who want to know how to do something. It could be a homeowner who wants to learn how to fix something herself, or a crafter looking for a new place to branch out. It could also be someone who has purchased one of your products and services and needs to figure out how to use it.

These are important moments for your business as you want your current and potential customers to trust you and to rely on you for answers.

4. I Want To Buy

These moments are when customers are finally ready to get out their wallets. They probably already know what they want, but may need help deciding where or how to buy. Or, they’re choosing between closely related products and just need that one last nudge. In many cases, shoppers have already been through the other stages, and you’ve brought them right to this moment.

Whether the buyer is here because you’ve led them here, or they begin right in this moment, this is when your presence is absolutely essential.

How to Be There

The intent behind each of these different micro-moments is different, but they are all an influential step toward bringing a customer to a sale. In our next four posts, we’ll be picking apart each of these moments so you’ll understand precisely how to be there.

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